The Beginner Microsoft Access Course is the ideal approach to start training in databases. The training is delivered online using a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor instructs, corrects and provides examples, to simulate having a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and up-to-date method of delivering interactive online training.

Course Objective

To gain fundamental knowledge of Access Beginner.

Beginner Microsoft Access Course

Course Structure

See the content of the Beginner Microsoft Access Course:

Database basics
Find out what Access is and how it works. Discover the objects which make up a database.

  • An introduction to the database management system
  • The ribbon
  • Quick Access toolbar
  • Opening a database
  • Database objects

Taking care of your records
Without the records, what would the database be for? Learn to inter them, edit them, delete them, sort them

  • Entering records

Moving around in a datasheet/form Editing the value in a field

  • Finding records
  • Replacing the value in a field
  • Deleting records
  • Sorting records

Making use of the data
Basic printing techniques and examples of simple queries.

  • Print Preview
  • Margins and orientation for printing any object
  • Running a query

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements. If the Beginner Course is too introductory, you can take the Intermediate Microsoft Access Course.


Training can be over six months; we recommend you complete the assessment (optional) to gain a CPD Accredited Certificate.

Suitable for

Anyone is preparing themselves for working in an office where they are involved with databases or for personal benefit.

Course Outcome

  • CPD Certification on successful completion
  • A professional qualification that will boost your CV and job options
  • Training contains practical exercises to gain confidence and be ready to use new skills.
  • Confidence in using Access
  • Microsoft Platinum Partners write material
  • Delivered by a Certified Microsoft Academy
  • Highest standards of training material and training format
  • Work at a faster pace when using Access.