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Our Intermediate Microsoft Access Course is an in-depth training program to gain professional knowledge which is much needed in any office where databases are important. The online training is delivered via a user-friendly state of the art system using the latest technology in interactive training. The training is through a virtual tutor who follows your progress and shows the correct way to perform a task.

Access Course

As a Microsoft Certified Academy, this course includes CPD Accredited Certification in Microsoft Access Intermediate Level.


To learn the most efficient way to use Access; to gain a CPD Accredited Certificate at Proficient (Intermediate) level.

Course Format

You can add on Beginner and/or Advanced units for a discounted fee. The training is delivered online, using a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor instructs, corrects and provides examples, to simulate having a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and up to date method of delivering interactive online training.

Course Content

Objects and their datasheets
More about database objects and, in particular, all that you can do in a  datasheet.

  • Managing objects
  • Formatting/reorganising a datasheet
  • Filtering records by the value in a field
  • Filtering by a range of field values
  • Inserting a Total row into a datasheet

Database creation and protection
How to create, convert and protect databases.

  • Creating a database
  • Converting a database
  • Protecting a database

More about data
Storing data in tables, forms or reports; linking and transferring data… make the most of the possibilities available

  • Creating a table Primary key
  • Importing data from another application
  • Exporting data
  • Creating a form
  • Object dependencies
  • Selecting the records to print in a report

From question to query
Even if your database is a simple one, do not limit yourself to typing in and print out your data.

  • Creating a Select query
  • Using the query design grid
  • Setting a selection criterion in a query
  • Setting criteria on multiple fields
  • Setting multiple criteria on the same field
  • Sorting the records in a query
  • Delete query
  • Make Table query
  • Update query

Dates and Duration

Please email or telephone to arrange a start date with induction.

It is recommended that you take your assessment within six months in order to obtain a CPD Accredited Microsoft Certificate (included in the price). You have access to the training program for 1 year.

Course Requirements

There is no special entry requirement.


  • CPD Accredited Microsoft Certificate
  • Accredited qualification to boost your CV and job options
  • Being prepared for any assessment at a job interview
  • Confidence in the use of Access effectively at work
  • Work quickly because of this additional knowledge
  • Flexible training can be at home or at our academy or a mix
  • User-friendly system to make you professionally effective with this software
  • Access to the training program for one year.


CPD Accredited Microsoft Access Certificate- Intermediate Level

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15 April 2020


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