A range of online Microsoft Access Courses is delivered by a Certified Microsoft Academy based in London. All our training is CPD Accredited, and Certificates are issued for completing training. Our academy offers a range of training courses for all levels of learning. All of the online training has been developed by Microsoft Platinum Partners. Our academy has delivered training to a full range of clients, and many of our past graduates have used the training to develop their careers. This is because we offer Accredited qualifications in Microsoft Office products. This can help to build your CV and Job Options.

Microsoft Access Courses Online

Access is a fundamental skill for a wide range of jobs. Additionally, there are fewer qualified proficient users of Access in the job market than in other Microsoft Office programmes. This means that gain Certification in Microsoft Access could set you apart from the job market.

What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is used to manage information and is a database system.  It is used to store information and to produce downloads for reporting and analysis. The system is used as a base for many data systems that are used by numerous organisations. Access is a system that can be used in all types of companies and industries. It is adaptable to the needs of many companies and this has made it a very popular system.

Access Courses Online

Beginner Microsoft Access Course

Beginner Microsoft Access Course – CPD Accredited

Intermediate Microsoft Access Course

Intermediate Microsoft Access Course – CPD Accredited

Advanced Microsoft Access Course

Advanced Microsoft Access Course – CPD Accredited

Microsoft Access Diploma

Microsoft Access Diploma – CPD Accredited

Bespoke Microsoft Access Course

Bespoke Access Course – CPD Accredited
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Corporate Microsoft Access Training

Corporate Access Course – CPD Accredited
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Why Microsoft Access?

We can offer the full range of training options:

  • Online Training
  • Classroom Courses
  • Bespoke Training
  • Industry Specific Courses
  • In-house Training at a client venue (for organisations training their employees)

Is Excel related to Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access has a huge capacity and can store more information than Excel. However, the analytical tools in Excel a far more extensive than Access. If you are aiming to learn Microsoft Access, it would be worth considering your level of Excel skills. Ideally, advanced Excel skills will be a great base to complement using Access. Please see our Excel Courses for more details, if you feel that you need more skills in this programme.

Many roles that require Access skills will require Excel skills. This is because a large amount of data stored in Access will be extracted to Excel for analysis and reporting. Excel allows for far more flexible use of calculations.

Accredited Courses

All of our training is CPD Accredited. All of the online training courses offer CPD Assessments and successful completion will lead to certification from the CPD Standards Office.

All of our online training has been developed on a live server that is interactive.

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