Microsoft Excel is a skill that is vital to so many careers. People looking to work in Finance, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Data Analysis, IT, Human Resources, and many more job types must gain a strong working capability in Excel. What do employers mean when they say that a job requires Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills?

Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills

Many jobs will require that future employees have Advanced Excel Skills. However, advanced Excel skills can be very hard to develop for many reasons. Firstly, the functions are not easy to remember and secondly, it is not always clear what comprises Advanced Excel Skills.

We have used the knowledge of some expert Excel trainers delivering training to many blue-chip organisations from Microsoft Certified Academies in London to give us a clearly defined list of the most common requests for Advanced Excel Skills from a company perspective.

Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Excel’s Pivot Tables are a powerful tool for summarising large amounts of data. The ability to master a Pivot Table means that you can avoid manual work and increase efficiency and fast analysis of data. Any job in Finance, Bookkeeping, Analytics, Accountancy, Audit, IT Systems, Risk and many other related careers will need their people to have high-level Pivot Table skills

Macros in Excel

Macros enable the automation of tasks. They must be very repetitive by nature and easily record the movements required to complete each task. The requirement to be able to record and edit a Macro is common in many careers and job types with extensive use of Excel.

Advanced Data Filters

The ability to filter data is vital. This can be more advanced than a standard filter, and the functions used on the filtered data need to be amended to suit the data filters. Advanced-Data Filters are very important functions.


Vlookup, Sumif, Iferror and a few other functions are required for you to claim Advanced Excel skills, and they will be used repeatedly at work.

This mix of skills has been selected to enable people to understand the requirements for Advanced Excel Skills. You can find details here if you are interested in taking Advanced Excel Courses.