This is an accredited beginner Excel Course which is delivered online interactively. Microsoft Excel skills are very important when working in an office job. This critical piece of office software is vital for several roles within Admin, PA, Sales, Finance and Bookkeeping. This has led to many employers testing out their prospective new employees’ Excel skills, and not hiring those people who are unable to show at least a proficient level of Excel skills.

If you need to work on your Excel skills, then we have the proper training course for you.

Beginner Excel Course

Training Objective

Our training centre is a Microsoft Office Academy, which enables students to gain all the skills needed for everyday tasks. The Beginner Excel Training Course that we provide is a CPD-accredited course, meaning that this certification is issued to participants after the course has finished if completed successfully.

The aim is to attain a good beginner level in Excel.

Course Format

The training is delivered online using a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor instructs corrects, and provides examples to simulate having a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and up-to-date method of delivering interactive online training.

Excel Training Course Content

  • Getting started with Excel
  • How to format in Excel
  • Formulas
  • Tables
  • Printing
  • Shortcuts and tips for building efficiency
  • Charts
  • Graphics and Illustrations

Ready to head on to the intermediate and advanced training course? If you are, this course can be added for a £50 supplement to this module. This is a discounted price.

Dates and Duration

There is a recommended duration of six months though you have access to the training material for one year. It can be completed far before this time. The course can be started and taken at any time. Estimated live learning hours are 10-12 depending on aptitude

Course Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. It is aimed at beginners. If you are more advanced, you can start with the Intermediate Excel Course.


  • Senior Microsoft Trainers write training in a Microsoft Certified Academy.
  • Live help with your virtual tutor.
  • CPD-accredited Excel course with a CPD Certificate issued on completion.
  • A practical course that includes numerous exercises which you do then get marked in real-time.
  • On request, we will issue a CPD-accredited certificate.