Career Case Studies

On this page, you can see a range of information relating to Microsoft Office Courses. In addition, we have several career case studies from a range of varying professions. Each former student took a different training programme to prepare them to advance their careers or make a career change. In addition, they shared their experience and thoughts on the value of gaining skills in Microsoft Office.

Below you can read about Alex, who took our Excel for Finance Course to gain the advanced skills needed to launch a successful career in Finance. Since completing our course, he has worked at several large multinational companies and has risen to a manager in a prominent Japanese multinational. If you are interested in a career in Finance or would like to develop your existing career in Finance, his career case study will be an informative read.

Microsoft Office Case Studies

Charli has shared her experience. She took our Advanced Microsoft Office Diploma to gain the skills needed to transition her career from a Legal Secretary to an Executive Assistant. EAs use a wide range of Microsoft Office programmes, including PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word and Office365. These skills are essential for any administrative role for an Executive Assistant.

Aks took a Bespoke Excel Course to advance a career as an Analyst. Like many graduates, she found that her degree prepared her for a successful career, but it did not give her the excel skills needed to deliver analytical tasks.

These are just a few of our students who have used their Microsoft Office skills to advance their careers.

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Finance Career Case Study

Read about how Alex started his Finance career by taking our Excel for Finance Course. The skills gained were vital for being able to be a success in Finance.

He is now a Director of Finance at a major multinational. He is adamant that the Certification in Excel that he gained, combined with the skills were vital for landing his first job.

Career Case Studies

Jennifer is a specialist Excel trainer who delivered a range of Bespoke training courses with a major multinational company. Here you can read about the course and the positive feedback received.

Meet Aks; she is an Analyst who took our Bespoke Excel Course. She gained the skills to use Excel in her daily job analysing data. Like many graduates, she said that Excel was not covered sufficiently in her degree.

Charli is a new Executive Assistant. She took our Microsoft Office Diploma to make a career change from being a Legal Secretary.

Further Information

Microsoft Office is helping people work from home. The range of cloud-based products has assisted millions of workers in remote working. We have developed a range of products to focus on skills needed for remote working. You can read about them here.

Contact us for more information on our corporate solutions for enterprise-level organisations looking to train staff in Excel and the Microsoft Office suite. Here you can see the different types of training available.

We offer CPD Accredited Assessments for anyone wishing to take a work simulated assessment. This can be used by Corporate to assess staff and in recruitment.