Microsoft Office Courses allows people to take a CPD Accredited Assessment on our state-of-the-art training system. People can use these assessments to confirm their skills and gain professional certification from the CPD Standards Institute to verify their abilities and build a CV.

What Are Levels of Excel Available?

We offer assessments at three primary levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Please select which option you would like when you are buying the assessment.

CPD Assessments for Excel

We also offer CPD Assessments in PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Access and Office 365/SharePoint.

Who should take these Excel Assessments?

There are several reasons that people should take these Excel Assessments.

  • People looking to gain certification to confirm their Excel abilities
  • Recruiters who would like to use the assessment to verify the skills of candidates
  • Employers would like to Assess their employees before commencing a training and development programme.

Do I have to pay for an Assessment if I take the training courses?

No, the CPD Assessment is included in the fee if you take any of our Excel Courses.

Please click here to find out more about our Excel Courses. These assessments are for people who like to confirm their Excel skills and gain certification. It is not for people looking for training.

Group Discounts

We offer group discounts for people looking to buy more than five assessments. If you are a manager or HR department, you may wish to purchase many assessments. Please get in touch with us for details of Group Bookings.

The CPD Standards Institute accredits our CPD Assessments for Excel; This accreditation enables us to issue CPD certification upon passing the assessment. The CPD Assessments consist of work-simulated questions developed on Microsoft Platinum Partners training systems. This attribute ensures that we get a clear idea of how candidates use their Excel skills to deal with work-based situations.