In today’s global marketplace, businesses are challenged to manage international diaries between associates in different countries. Administrative assistants are responsible for scheduling and arranging meetings with participants in multiple time zones. These guidelines for Diary Management using Microsoft Outlook are vital for many professions.

For multinational companies, this occurs regularly when organizing meetings between offices in different countries. These meetings require video or telephone conferences and rely on the ability of the administrative assistant to utilise the advanced diary functions within Outlook. Diary Management tips
This task is made more accessible with a good understanding of Outlook and how to choose the appropriate functions. For the meeting to occur as planned, you must know how to correctly schedule a meeting in more than one time zone. Without this knowledge, there is a chance there will be confusion about the meeting time.

Correct use of Outlook leads to the successful scheduling of meetings in different time zones. The administrative assistant can confidently schedule meetings knowing that guests will make it at an appropriate time. This makes it possible to conduct a meeting at 13:00 GMT and 09:00 Boston.

Diary Management using Microsoft Outlook

Diary Management Steps for Scheduling a Meeting

  • To create a ‘New Appointment’, select ‘Calendar’.
  • Next, go to ‘Home Tab’ and select ‘New Appointment’.
  • In the ‘Appointment Tab’, select ‘Options’.
  • At this point, you can select the appropriate time zone for the meeting.

Coordinating an Outlook Calendar in Different Time Zones

Outlook allows you to develop a calendar that coordinates both for companies with offices in different time zones. You can choose to view the calendars for the offices side by side.

  • Go to ‘File’.
  • Select ‘Options’.
  • Select ‘Calendar’.
  • In the Calendar settings options, choose ‘Time Zones.’
  • Select the second time zone.

This allows you to see the calendars for both times zones. Employees can now coordinate between time zones.
Diary Management tips using Microsoft Outlook

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