Excel Courses Online

Microsoft Certified Academy based in London offers Excel Courses. We offer classroom-based courses, online courses, bespoke and corporate training courses. All of our training is accredited by the CPD Standards Institute. We will issue CPD Accredited Certificates upon successful completion.

Online Excel Courses

Microsoft Office Courses is a Microsoft Certified Academy that offers CPD Accredited Excel Training Courses. We are able to offer a wide range of Excel Courses. We deliver classroom, bespoke, corporate onsite and online Excel courses. All of our training programmes are CPD accredited and result in Certification on completion. Gaining a recognised Excel qualification from an awarding body is great for your CV and career development.

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Our online training uses a state of the art system. This involves a live server system with a Virtual Tutor. It instructs you and monitors your work before it shows you the correct answer. It is like having your own personal Excel trainer whenever you need them. This method still enables participants to gain from this personal attention and high-quality tuition as in a classroom, but also to have the flexible training schedule that online training permits. The is far more interactive which helps you to gain a deeper understanding of Excel. We have many options for you to learn excel online. You can purchase our courses at Beginner, Proficient or Advanced Level.

All of our online Excel training courses are fully accredited by the CPD Standards Institute and certificates are issued on successful completion. The qualification greatly improves your employability and builds essential Excel skills for your CV. You do not require Excel on your computer because you will use the version of live Excel that is within the training system.

Job Specific Training

We have developed specialist training that targets particular industries with a focus on the skills needed for that specific career. We offer online Excel courses for Banking and Finance, Accountants, Sales, Administrators and PAs, Office Managers; the list is growing of these specialist courses using our interactive training system. It is also possible to order these courses on a classroom, bespoke or corporate training basis, for those who prefer a face-to-face tuition environment. Please contact us if you would like to book one of these courses in a classroom format.

Virtual Classroom Excel Courses

We offer Virtual Classroom Courses in Excel. This enables companies to arrange corporate training for their employees through virtual classroom software. This means that you will use a real live Excel tutor to deliver the training, just like with a classroom course. This option is very popular for companies that are looking to train their employees without travel/accommodation costs and in particular during the COVID-19 crisis.

Classroom Training in London

At present Microsoft Office Courses schedules one-day training, at our London IT training centre. This is an excellent way to gain a qualification and get your Excel skills certified. These one-day courses are CPD Accredited and certificates are issued on successful completion. If you do not see a classroom session that meets your requirements, feel free to contact our office for assistance.

Bespoke and Corporate Excel Training

Our tutors are experts in their field and possess significant work experience using Excel rather than being just tutors. We have delivered bespoke Excel courses to Investment Banks, Public Organisations, Film Companies, Accountancy firms, Pharmaceutical Companies, Sports Institutes and much more. This type of programme is ideal for making the learning truly relevant to your needs and can increase a company’s efficiency, please find out more about our Corporate Training. Whether you are looking to learn data analysis, big data analysis, excel for business, pivot tables, charts or just the basics, we have the training course.

You can find details of PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access training on the site.