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This Excel for Finance Course is ideally designed to ensure that you have the Excel skills needed to work in Finance. Microsoft Office Courses is a specialist in finance, banking and Microsoft Office Training. Our training staff have delivered training to major financial institutions such as Tokyo Mitsubishi, BNP Paribas, Barclays Bank, Nationwide and Credit Suisse. Not only this but we are able to deliver training to accountancy businesses and financial consultants too. We have used our expertise to develop an accessible and affordable Excel Training Course that is designed to fit the specific needs of people working within finance, banking or accountancy. It can also benefit those who work with large amounts of data and are responsible for manipulating and analysing this information.

Excel for Finance Course Objectives

This particular course set out to provide targeted levels of MS Excel Tuition, aimed at those working with a financial career. It focuses on the key requirements that you may see in the average job description within this industry and is both an excellent way to prepare for job interviews and for those who want to develop their Excel skills.

Excel Training Course Format

In order to pass the course, an assessment must be taken at the end of the course. The training is delivered online, using a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor instructs, corrects and provides examples, to simulate having a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and up to date method of delivering interactive online training.

This will provide you with a CPD Accredited Certification.

Excel for Finance Course

Course Content

The course syllabus focuses on the most commonly required Excel tasks in finance, banking and accountancy jobs.

Here is an outline of the course:

  • Creating Business Charts; Using Charts to explain your data
  • Sparklines and advanced charts
  • Working with multiple views, multiple worksheets and freeze panes
  • Formulas, absolute references
  • Formats and Tables
  • Conditional formats
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Advanced Functions; Lookup functions, Array Formulas, Date Calculation, Time Calculations, Nested Functions, IF statements, Financial Functions
  • Data Sort and Filters
  • Solver, Goal Seeks, Scenarios, Detecting errors, audit of your spreadsheet and Templates
  • Macros
  • Double Entry Data Tables

Course Benefits

  • Achieve CPD Certification in Excel for Banking and Finance
  • An accredited qualification that will boost your CV and enhance your job options
  • Learn all the Excel skills needed to succeed in banking and finance
  • The comprehensive nature of the course gives you a solid basis to build your career
  • Gain confidence in using Excel in the workplace
  • A greater level of efficiency in the workplace


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