HR professionals of all levels use Excel in modern organisations. Excel is used to ensure that data can be analysed, manipulated and presented. Our Excel for HR Course aims to provide all types of HR professionals to gain the necessary skills in Excel. Excel can be difficult to master and get used to using in the office. This is why we have designed our Accredited Excel for HR Course.

Excel for HR Course

Our Excel for HR Course has been designed with HR in mind. It is intended to ensure that the learner has the level of knowledge of Excel that will enable them to carry out the function in Excel that relates to a typical HR role.

Course Format

We run our course online, delivering it via a state of an art system. There is a virtual tutor function that will instruct you and use worked examples. The course will then give you exercises and correct any errors that you have made. The system is developed by Microsoft platinum partners and it offers truly interactive online training.

Course Content

The Excel course covers many key tasks that the software can help any HR professional do. However, here are some of the examples of what it can offer:

  • Formatting in Excel
  • Proficient Level Formulas to help manipulate, summarise and manage data
  • Tables in Excel
  • Printing attractive documents and managing the View Functions
  • Shortcuts and tips to build efficiency
  • Charts and presenting data to Management or Wider Audiences through Presentations.
  • Graphics and Illustrations
  • Pivots Tables and Charts
  • Advanced Formulas (VLookup, Date Functions, Sumif and much more)
  • IF statements, AND and OR
  • Nested, Arrays and Conditions Formulas
  • Auditing and Error Checking
  • Templates and themes
  • Protecting workbooks
  • Sharing workbooks

This course content includes all levels of training through to advanced Excel.

Benefits of the Course

  • This Excel for HR Course helps employees to develop their career skills.
  • Gain greater confidence and efficiency to use Excel in their working life.
  • Excellent efficiency in the workplace for employers
  • Gain a professional CPD Certification to put on your CV


The course includes the beginner level of Excel, so it is open to all levels of HR professionals.

On completion, you could consider the analytical system of Power BI. This is used increasingly in HR to create summary reports and dashboards. It is a natural follow-on from Excel training. Please see our Power BI Courses here.

We also offer PowerPoint and Microsoft Access training which are very popular with HR professionals.