The aim of this training course is to give detailed and targeted Microsoft Excel tuition that would satisfy the needs of job criteria normally issued within a Business Development, Sales, Account Administration, or Marketing department of an organisation. The Excel for Sales and Marketing Training course concentrates on the vital requirements of the average job requirements in these specific sectors. The training course also acts as outstanding preparation for job interviews and assessments as well as optimising the potential of those working in the sector but need to enhance their Excel skills and abilities.

Course Format

The training is presented as an online course and supplied on an up to minutes system utilising the latest technology. Our training system uses a virtual tutor function that can advise the student at each step, comply with the user’s errors and suggest the appropriate approach to the learner. This method of online training is very similar to having a personal tutor.

The training course can be taken over six months and you will need to complete the necessary online assessment prior to completion of the training course to gain CPD Accredited Accreditation. However, if you do not complete the course in the first six months, you can request to extend the duration of the course. You will also have the ability to access the training components for one complete year, which is a very valuable referral point for the future.

Course Content

The program curriculum focuses on the most generally required areas where Excel focuses primarily on tasks relating to Sales, Marketing, Advertising or Business Development in the day to day operations of a department or organisation.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level training is included.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the Excel for Sales and Marketing course, you should expect the following…

  • CPD Certification in Excel specifically in the areas of Sales and Marketing.
  • Accredited credentials that will certainly enhance your CV and employment options.
  • The ability to prepare yourself for an interview or assessment from recruiters or future employers
  • The options to build your career based on the comprehensive nature of the training received throughout the duration of the course.
  • A higher level of self-confidence when using Excel in the workplace.
  • Greater personal performance in your existing role.