Microsoft Office Courses offers our learners a range of Microsoft 365 Courses. Microsoft 365 was first launched in 2017, including Office 365, Windows 10 or 11 and updated security packages. The most important element of Microsoft 365 is Office 365. This is the online cloud-based version of Microsoft Office. Office 365 is now exceptionally commonly used, enabling people to access their work from home or other remote locations.

These courses aim to provide you with the ability to work on Office 365 and be effective using the online versions of Microsoft Office. These courses enable you to learn how to adapt to using Office 365 at work. It will help you more efficiently and effectively transition to Office 365 from Microsoft Office. This is a common requirement for anyone working with Microsoft products.

Microsoft 365 Courses Online

Microsoft 365 Course

Microsoft 365 Certificate Course – CPD Accredited

Microsoft 365 Diploma

Microsoft 365 Diploma – CPD Accredited

Working From Home Diploma

Microsoft Office Working From Home Diploma – CPD Accredited

SharePoint Course

SharePoint Certificate Course – CPD Accredited

Power BI Course

Power BI Course – CPD Accredited

Microsoft 365 Courses

Microsoft Teams Course – CPD Accredited

Microsoft 365 is a programme that is widely used by companies. It became very popular in 2020 and the growth of people needing to work remotely. It offers the ability to work remotely by accessing your files online. Microsoft 365 is essentially Microsoft Office on the cloud. Many employers are keen that candidates can use Microsoft 365, so it is a great certificate of diploma.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based system that includes Office 365, Windows and Security systems. The average employee in a modern organisation will need to learn the Office 365 part of Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 means it is accessible to companies and employees remotely. It enables employees to collaborate and share their work whilst working from home or remotely. It is one of Microsoft’s programmes that has been fundamental to many remote workers’ working days.

Microsoft 365 possesses Word, Outlook, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Many people will have used these programmes for years, and these courses will help you adapt to using Office 365 versions. These courses help you adjust your knowledge to Office 365 and do not teach you how to use individual programmes. For example, go to the Excel courses page if you need to learn Excel. There are specific differences in the functionality, but a competent user of one of these core products will be able to adapt to using the Office 365 versions. Our Microsoft Office Diploma will offer you the opportunity to learn how to use these programmes and Microsoft 365.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an online system which enables organisations to coordinate and collaborate with colleagues in any location. This means anyone working from home can work as if they are in the office. It also means that you can collaborate with colleagues in any part of the world.

Microsoft’s Office 365 includes the core Microsoft Office and other applications. These programmes include Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, and SharePoint. Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, so anyone with an internet connection can access the full feature set from any location and device. Office 365 is essential for business because its products merge effortlessly and complement one another.


All of our courses are CPD Accredited and have been developed by Microsoft Platinum Partners. We offer CPD Accredited Assessments for both the Microsoft 365 Course and Diploma. Successful completion leads to certification with the Microsoft 365 Certificate or Microsoft 365 Diploma.

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