We have a range of Microsoft Office Courses for HR. This includes Excel, Power BI, Office 365 and PowerPoint. All of these programs are useful for Human Resources jobs. Additionally, we offer a Microsoft Office Diploma for HR. This complete programme provides a range of skills across Microsoft Office to meet the needs of a modern HR Job.

Microsoft Office Courses for HR

Microsoft Platinum Partners developed all of our courses. They have an interactive online training system with a virtual tutor function. This system instructs you with worked examples, provides exercises, and corrects your errors. This is genuinely interactive learning provided by Microsoft Partners.

We have worked with HR trainers to develop training programmes that suit the needs of human resources professionals. Experienced HR trainers have used their experience to build learning content suited to the needs of Human Resources professionals.

Our Excel for HR course is the most popular Microsoft Office course for human resources jobs. This is because Excel is a fundamental program for anyone in a Human Resources job. The course has been expertly designed to ensure that the key functions of Excel relevant to HR are covered. The CPD Certification in Excel for HR is ideal for your CV. This course is available as one of our online interactive courses listed above.

However, we offer live classroom and virtual classroom courses in Excel for corporate HR groups. Virtual Classroom training is delivered by an experienced Excel trainer who will provide the course in Zoom or Teams. We can also offer live classroom training courses at your venue. Please get in touch with us for details.

Our Microsoft Office Diploma for HR includes Power BI, Excel for HR, Office 365, and PowerPoint. Power BI is a system used for dashboards and management summaries. Business Intelligence systems are only likely to become more intrinsic to business and HR, so we have included Power BI Courses in the selection.

We have added Office 365, a fundamental part of our modern cloud-based work systems. Many organisations use this programme and is a required skill in all types of jobs. Office 365 training includes working in the Office 365 environment, SharePoint and Teams.

PowerPoint is included because it works with Excel and Power BI to enable HR to deliver business presentations. This means that most HR professionals will need to work with PowerPoint in some way.

Microsoft Office Courses for HR

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