Charlie is a former Legal Secretary who started a new career following her Microsoft Office Diploma. She had been made redundant from her previous role during the pandemic and decided to change careers. Charli trained with one of our partners, the Institute of Executive Assistants, to become an Executive Assistant. She took our Microsoft Office Diploma to update her IT skills to a high level. This course formed a part of her IEAA qualification.

Microsoft Office Diploma advanced my career.

This Diploma proved to be a vital step, as she managed to land a new job in a prestigious consultancy firm as an Executive Assistant. Different jobs require different Microsoft Office skills and use programmes to different extents. As a result, Charli needed to use more Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Office 365, Teams and SharePoint in her new career than she had previously.

Career Change

The Microsoft Office Diploma gave her the total mix of training over this wide range of products. These skills gave her both the ability and confidence to change careers. As a result, many Executive Assistants have opted to take our Microsoft Office Diploma at varying levels. Advanced Microsoft Office skills are essential skills for Executive Assistant jobs. In addition, following the Pandemic, Executive Assistants have been forced to update their skills for remote working. This change in the role means that our Microsoft Office Diploma, which includes SharePoint, Teams and Office 365 training is particularly useful.

Microsoft Office Diploma

Our Live Server Training System conducted all of Charlie’s training on our live server interactive training system. This advanced training method includes a virtual trainer that instructs you, gives you exercises and corrects your mistake. This training method provides one of the few times you can learn online completely flexibly but gain a truly interactive learning experience. Below you can see an interview with Charlie.

Interactive Online Training

What did you like about our method of eLearning?

I like how thorough the MEDIAplus eLearning training is – the combination of videos, subtitles, need-to-know information and access to the manuals is perfect. The input from the virtual live trainer is constructive in pointing you in the right direction when you get stuck on a task. I like to play the “See the solution” video even if I get the exercise correct the first time, as sometimes the example shown highlights a different or quicker way of doing things to help cement my knowledge.

How does it meet your “everyday needs”?

The training has met my needs very well. It is very flexible, being online and accessible 24/7, so I can fit it around my other commitments without needing to visit an assessment centre to carry out the training and tests.