Working from home or remote working is now extremely common. Several employers have expressed concerns about their employees’ confidence working from home, as it is reliant on technology. Our Working From Home Courses are designed to provide employees the skills needed to confidently and efficiently work remotely.

Microsoft Platinum Partners have designed a series of training programmes that focus on the ability to work remotely.

Microsoft Office Training for Working From Home

Microsoft Office virtual working programmes, include Office365, SharePoint, Teams and the ability to use the Office 365 versions of core Microsoft Products, like Excel or Word.

All of these courses are online, they use an interactive system. Microsoft Platinum Partners designed our training courses and we are a Microsoft Certified Academy. The course will instruct you with a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor provides work simulated exercises. The virtual tutor corrects any of your errors. This is an interactive way of learning that simulates having your own personal tutor.

Our Virtual working training programmes are designed to ensure that people have the skills to efficiently work from home or work remotely.
All training is CPD Accredited. CPD Standards are a professional body based in the UK that is internationally recognised. This means that you can receive a professional qualification. This means that you will receive CPD Certificates from our Microsoft Certified Academy.

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