Our CPD Accredited Microsoft Office Assessments can be used to certify your level without taking our training. If you would like to try an assessment in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel or Access, we can offer you a discounted price on assessment without training.

Who should buy this?

People looking to get a job or not sure what level they are at with their abilities should take this assessment. It is commonly used by employers to test new employees and it is a way to ensure that you have the skills to get through these tests.

You could also use this to confirm that you are opting to take the correct training course.

Microsoft Office Assessments

We offer MOS Certiport Exams in a wide range of subjects. These are the international Certiport Exams offered directly from Microsoft. We are able to offer these due to having a Microsoft Certified Academy status.

Microsoft Certiport Exams

You can either buy the Certiport Exam from us for £89. If you have a voucher, you will need to pay the £30 proctor fee.

If you are in doubt as to whether we offer your exam, please contact us: info@microsoft-office-courses.co.uk

Recruitment Assessments

Recruiters and Human Resources often require Microsoft Office Assessments for their applicants, in order to assess their Microsoft Office abilities in the Selection process. Our Microsoft Office Assessments are work-simulated to ensure that they are the most relevant to the job.

Microsoft Office Assessment for Employees

Below you can buy CPD Accredited tests for your applicants at discounted prices. We do offer bulk buying discounts so please ask for details. Contact us for details.

Microsoft Office Assessments

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