Our CPD Accredited Microsoft Office Assessments can be used to certify your level without taking our training. We offer CPD Accredited Assessments in the following subjects:

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Office 365 / SharePoint

All of our online training courses include the CPD Assessment in the fee. Therefore, if you want training and an assessment, it will be much cheaper to book training.

Microsoft Office Assessments

All of the assessments are designed to provide work-simulated questions. This enables the assessment to gain a clear picture of the level of skill learners have in a work environment. We offer assessments at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.


CPD Assessments for Excel

CPD Assessments for Excel

CPD Assessment for Office 365

CPD Assessments for Office 365

CPD Assessments for Microsoft Access

CPD Assessments for Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel Diploma

CPD Assessments for Microsoft Word

Bespoke Excel Course

CPD Assessments for Outlook


CPD Assessments for PowerPoint

Who should buy this?

  • People looking to gain an accredited certificate for their CV
  • Job seekers who are looking to ensure they have the skills and certification to get a job
  • Companies and Organisations are looking to assess the levels of their employees before deciding on the level of training needed.
  • Employers and recruitment agents who would like to use the assessments when interviewing candidates.

Potential students can also use our CPD Assessments to confirm that they are opting to take the correct training course.

Assessments for Corporates

If you want to purchase Assessments on behalf of your employer, we can offer a group discount on more than 5 assessments. Discounts vary depending on the quantity.

Companies and Organisations use our Assessments for several reasons. Here are the most common reasons for using the assessments:

  • To assess potential candidates at the interview stage with a work-simulated assessment in MS Office
  • To assess employee’s aptitude before designing a training programme
  • To attach to a training and development programme

Microsoft Office Assessments for Employees

Employers looking to buy training programmes for their employees should click here to see details of our Corporate Training. All our online training courses include these CPD Assessments in the course fee.

cpd accredited microsoft office courses