We are now working with partners internationally to offer Microsoft Office Courses in other languages. In Madrid, we have partnered with a Microsoft Office Academy that is offering Microsoft Office training in Spanish or English. If English is not your first language, it is tempting to learn Excel and other Microsoft Office programs in your native language. However, it is worth recognising that the English language versions of Microsoft Office are commonly used by employers all over the world. Therefore, there is often more of a premium in learning in the English language. Here we will look at some of the main differences to be aware of, between Microsoft Office in English and other languages.

Microsoft Excel in English

If we focus on Excel, which is one of the more difficult of the Microsoft programs. You will notice that the functions are translated from English to ther languages. That means the main formulas and functions are going to be translated. If you want to adapt to use the English language version in the future, you will have to learn the English version of the function or formula.

Many international companies and industries favour using the English version of Excel. This is becasue it can be used by international colleagues and partners in the same way. Focusing purely on the experiences our Spanish partners, the Spanish trainers stated that Excel substitutes commas, within formula and functions, for semicolons. This is a substantial difference and it can be difficult to adapt to the difference.

In particular, our partner’s trainers stated that most international companies, within Spain, are keen to only use the English language versions of Excel. This is because it encourages greater collaboration with your international colleagues. Therefore, many Unviersities in Spain and other European countries are opting to teach Excel in English. The adaption between the versions can be frustrating even for advanced users. This is because an advanced user is generally fast and efficient, but adapting to another version of Excel will impede your efficiency.

Microsoft Office Training in Spanish

All Microsoft Office programs have ribbons at the top. These ribbons will change to the native language, which will be a barrier to moving to work with the English versions. Learning how to adapt between language will be easier for advanced users or bilingual people. However, the translation adds an extra complication.

If you are interested in visiting our Spanish partners, you can feel free to do so by clicking on the link here. This will take you to their main website. They deliver a corporate training across Spain and in Latin America. However, they primarily offer online training courses. They have a full range of Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Office 365, Power BI, Microsoft Office Diplomas and Excel Courses. Our Spanish partners offer international qualifications from CPD standards, in the United Kingdom. They also offer Certi-Uni qualifications, which is a Spanish recognised professional qualification.