Our Microsoft Academy is offering an online Microsoft Teams Course. The Teams Course is delivered on interactive software. It is vital in a modern workplace now to use Microsoft Teams and/or alternative virtual meeting software.

What is Microsoft Teams?

This part of Microsoft Office enables you to work remotely with colleagues, customers or any other party. Microsoft Teams is one of the most common Virtual Meeting Software and the only permitted software for many organisations. The programme offers online chat,  document sharing, messaging, interactive online meetings, and many other useful collaborative tools. Microsoft Teams is the main messaging app to facilitate real-time collaboration and communication within your organisation.

Microsoft Teams Course

Course Content

  • An overview of Microsoft Teams
  • Manage a team and its channels
  • Working with Teams conversations
  • Online Chats
  • Managing files
  • Sharing your files through Microsoft Teams

Dates and Duration

Expect 2 to 3 hours of training time. You have access to the course for one year and can complete the course anytime during that period.

Course Requirements

The course starts at the beginner level and is open to all. Microsoft Teams forms a part of Microsoft 365. If you prefer a broader Microsoft 365 course, we offer Diplomas and Certificates in these areas. Microsoft Teams training is needed to work from home. Our Work From Home Diploma provides a mix of skills for people looking to gain a broad range of remote working IT skills.


  • We are a Microsoft Certified Academy
  • Our training programs are set to an international standard
  • The qualifications are CPD Accredited, and they are internationally recognised.
  • Our trainers are experienced in using Microsoft Teams in the workplace and developed material to be highly practical.


Certificate of the CPD Accredited Microsoft Teams at a Microsoft Academy.