This Microsoft Visio Course Online offers learners to get an understanding of this programme. This is a very popular Microsoft Office product that is used across numerous companies.

What is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is part of Microsoft Office. It is software that is used for generating visuals and diagrams. Visio can produce organisational charts, flowcharts, plans, data flow diagrams, several types of process diagrams, interactive models and more. It is used also to create modern business charts like swimlane diagrams and project-related plans.

Course Content

This course contains an overview of Microsoft Visio.

Getting started with Visio

  • Visio Drawing Window,  Visio Ribbon and Backstage
  • Toolbars, Menus and Panes in Visio
  • Working with Pages

Text, Format and Shapes

  • Overview of Shapes and Stencils and manipulating Shapes
  • Overview of Templates
  • Create a New Diagram
  • Find, Group, Arrange, Rotate and Format Shapes
  • Create Stencils
  • Use Layout Tool and Layers
  • Duplicate Shapes
  • Understand SmartShapes
  • Understand, Format and Rout Connectors
  • Understand Glue
  • Save Visio Drawings
  • Understand Themes and Styles
  • Use Embellishment
  • Work with Containers
  • Use Callouts / Screentips / Headers and Footers
  • Add and Format Text
  • Use Text Blocks
  • Print Basics and Advanced Printing
  • Control Print Results
  • Resolve Complex Print Issues


  • Replace Shapes
  • Work with and edit Master Shapes
  • Shape Data and define a shape data field
  • Import External Data to Shapes
  • Add Shape Data to a Master Shape
  • Create Shape Data Reports
  • Work with Data Graphics Callouts and Data Bars

Charts and Diagrams

  • Create a Basic Flow Chart / Cross-Functional Flowchart
  • Create Org Chart Manually / Using Delimited Text File / Using Excel File
  • Create a Pivot Diagram and add Data Graphics
  • Create a Network Diagram

Advanced Visio

  • Create an Office Layout: Walls / Doors and Windows / Furniture and Accessories
  • Create Shapes from Images / Custom Templates
  • Inspect a Diagram for Issues
  • Save a Drawing as Other Formats

Dates and Duration

Expect 4 to 6 hours of training time. You have access to the course for 1 year and can complete the course anytime during that period. The Microsoft Visio Course Online forms part of Microsoft Office training. Other related courses include our PowerPoint Courses.

Course Requirements

The course starts at the beginner level and is open to all.

Benefits of the Microsoft Visio Course Online

  • We are a Microsoft Certified Academy
  • Our training programs are set to an international standard
  • Our qualifications are CPD Accredited and they are internationally recognised.
  • Our trainers are experienced in using Microsoft Visio in the workplace and developed material to be highly practical.


Certificate of the CPD Accredited Microsoft Visio at a Microsoft Academy.