Online Specialised Microsoft Office Training Courses

Microsoft has a range of courses available. We offer a selection of courses in a list of Microsoft programmes that are more niche in their demand for training. Our Specialised Microsoft Office Training Courses are delivered online, giving you a chance to gain an edge in your IT skills in the office.

Here you can see a list of the other training courses you can take with us. All of the courses are online and accredited. Certification is available on completion.

These courses are generally shorter and cheaper training courses focusing on the more niche programmes in Microsoft Office.

Why are Advanced Microsoft Office Skills Important?

Since the pandemic, we have been working from home more commonly. This means that the better, the broader your range of skills to communicate, share and collaborate with other employees and your company. Employers have frequently come to us looking for a broader range of Microsoft Office programmes as they diversify their use of IT with the new remote working model.

Programmes such as Yammer have grown in popularity because it helps us to communicate. Yammer is the instant messaging part of Microsoft Office. Power BI has grown in use due to its analytical qualities. SharePoint is standard now in most companies and many others. The reality is that we have to diversify our knowledge. Here you can find some niche and specialised products to broaden your skills.

Microsoft Word Diploma

Excel for Finance Course – CPD Accredited

Excel for Finance Course

Microsoft OneDrive Course – CPD Accredited

Power BI course online

Power BI Course Online – CPD Accredited

Microsoft Excel Diploma

SharePoint Certificate Course – CPD Accredited

Microsoft Teams Course – CPD Accredited

PowerPoint Diploma

Microsoft Powerpoint Diploma – CPD Accredited