The majority of companies use Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook Diploma offers skills that are needed in the office and many job roles. The online training consists of a user-friendly system. There is a virtual tutor who monitors your progress and also shows and explains the correct way to perform the task.

  • CPD Accredited Diploma in Outlook
  • In-depth knowledge of MS Outlook to an Advanced level
  • Prepare yourself for the job market
  • Highly confident in the use of this application.

Course Format

The training is delivered online, using a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor instructs, corrects and provides examples, to simulate having a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and up-to-date method of delivering interactive online training.

Microsoft Outlook Diploma


Beginner Module

  • E-mail working environment
  • Manage panes and folders
  • Create, send messages
  • Manage text in messages
  • Use recipients from an address book
  • Attach files to messages
  • Manage attachments to received messages
  • Reply, forward, print, deleting messages
  • Use calendar, contacts in Outlook
  • Use reminders window
  • Create tasks, note
  • Manage categories
  • Using help
  • Manage mail while you are absent
  • Add a signature to messages
  • Create appointments or events
  • Recurrent appointments or events
  • Customise the calendar
  • Print calendar and calendar items
  • Personalise print styles
  • Contact groups
  • Sort, group contacts
  • Manage tasks, notes
  • Send contacts by e-mail
  • Customise views, ribbon
  • Record items in the journal
  • Best practice with an e-mail application

Intermediate Module

  • Sort, group and filter messages
  • Manage, search folders
  • Use rules to manage your messages automatically
  • Create templates (forms)
  • Manage outgoing messages
  • Message – Track options, follow-up flags
  • Organise, manage meetings
  • Publish calendars
  • Quick steps
  • Recall, resend messages
  • Electronic business cards
  • Manage conversation view
  • Manage general e-mail options
  • Internet
  • Viruses
  • Outlook on the Web (OWA).

Advanced Module

  • Archive messages
  • Optimise the size of the mailbox
  • Export, import a folder
  • Manage data file
  • Manage rules
  • Dealing with Spam
  • Share folders
  • Group, share calendars
  • Create, manage rules
  • Manage junk e-mail
  • Calendar groups
  • Share calendars
  • Outlook on the Web (OWA).

Dates and Duration

It is recommended that you take your assessment within three months in order to obtain a CPD Accredited Microsoft Outlook Diploma (included in the price). You have access to the training program for 1 year.


  • CPD Accredited Microsoft Outlook Diploma – internationally recognised
  • Training written by senior Microsoft Partners
  • Accredited qualification to boost your CV and job options
  • Prepared for any assessment at the job interview
  • Confident to use Outlook effectively at work
  • Work quickly because of this additional knowledge
  • Flexible training can be at home or at our academy or at a mix
  • Flexibility, so you can train in a shorter period if needed
  • User-friendly system to make you professionally effective with this software
  • Access to the training program for one year.


  • CPD Accredited Microsoft Outlook Diploma on successful completion