We offer Power BI Courses for people interested in learning how to use this increasingly popular Microsoft Office programme. Power BI generates dashboard summaries and Business Intelligence reports on large data loads. It is a growing programme in the Microsoft Office suite and is relevant to anyone working with large amounts of data. Power BI is used to finance, HR, technology, marketing, and many other industries.

What are the Benefits of the Power BI Course?

The Power BI Course aims to enable learners to connect their analysis or reporting to varying data sources. The course will also help you prepare large amounts of data for Business Intelligence reports and analysis and develop engaging managerial dashboards.

Power BI Courses

Power BI Courses Online

Power BI course online

Power BI Course Online – CPD Accredited

Microsoft Excel and Power BI course

Microsoft Excel and Power BI Diploma – CPD Accredited

Microsoft Excel Diploma

Microsoft Excel Diploma – CPD Accredited

Why Power BI?

Do I need any prior skills?

It is ideal if you already possess a high skill in Microsoft Excel. If you need to improve your Excel skills, you can take our Microsoft Excel Diploma or the combined Microsoft Excel and Power BI Diploma. Please click on the course names to go to the course pages for details of these courses.

Who should learn to use Power BI?

Power BI is a growth product for Microsoft. This is because its functionality is flexible and can enable many people in different careers to do their jobs more effectively and faster. Here are some examples of people that may be ideal for taking the Power BI Course.

  • Anyone who sorts and analyses large amounts of data.
  • People who generate management reports
  • People who need to generate summary dashboards or reports
  • Professionals looking to modernise their careers and ensure that they are up to date with their IT and analytical skills


Microsoft Platinum Partners have created the Power BI Course. All courses and diplomas are CPD Accredited, and successful completion will lead to CPD Certification.

Corporate Training

Above are details of our online training. However, if you are an organisation that would like to receive Corporate Training sessions at your venue or in a virtual classroom, please get in touch with us. We have Power BI courses at all levels.

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