The majority of companies use Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate is much needed in the office. Our Online Intermediate PowerPoint Course provides the opportunity to gain these career skills and an internationally recognised qualification.

We are a Microsoft Certified Academy. Our courses offer CPD Accredited Certification in PowerPoint Intermediate, an internationally recognised certificate included in the fee.


  • CPD Accredited Certification in PowerPoint Intermediate level
  • In-depth knowledge of MS Outlook Intermediate level
  • Prepare yourself for the job market
  • Be confident in this application

Intermediate PowerPoint Course

The training is delivered online using a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor instructs, corrects, and provides examples to simulate having a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and up-to-date method of delivering interactive online training.

Course Content

  • Manage/move text in an outline
  • Create a presentation from PowerPoint
  • Grid and guides
  • Draw shapes and copy/duplicate/resize/format/edit objects.
  • Rotate/apply effects to objects
  • Align/distribute/group/ungroup objects
  • Change the objects’ stacking order
  • Create a text box/PowerPoint Art object
  • Format text object/text effects
  • Format/manage/insert/save pictures
  • Create/style/insert/edit/format a table
  • Manage table’s rows/columns/cells
  • Insert/manage/format a diagram
  • Slide background
  • Customise a theme
  • Manage layouts/placeholders
  • Format/use slide masters
  • The Notes Master
  • The Handout Master

Dates and Duration

You can start at any time, and we offer the opportunity to study at any time. The training is designed to fit into your schedule.

You should take your assessment within six months to obtain a CPD Accredited Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate Certificate (included in the price). You have access to the training program for one year.

Course Requirements

To take this course, you must have Beginner Level PowerPoint capabilities. You can take the Beginner PowerPoint Course if you need this training.


  • CPD Accredited Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate Certificate – internationally recognised
  • Training written by senior Microsoft Partners
  • Accredited qualification to boost your CV and job options
  • Prepared for any assessment at the job interview
  • Confident in using PowerPoint effectively at work
  • Work quickly because of this additional knowledge
  • Flexible training can be studied anywhere and at any time
  • Flexibility, so you can train in a shorter period if needed
  • User-friendly system to make you professionally effective with this software
  • Access to the training program for one year.


CPD Accredited Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate Certificate on successful completion.