Meet Alex San Roman who is a Finance professional. He has worked at a number of prestigious multinationals. He attained internationally accredited Excel Certifications with Microsoft Office Courses at the beginning of his career.

Naturally, having a Finance qualification is an important factor for his success in his career. Advanced Excel skills are one the most fundamental skills that he possesses. They have contributed to his career. He completed our Advanced Excel Course and our Excel for Finance Course at the beginning of his career.

Excel CertificationsWe interviewed him to understand how important Advanced Excel Skills are for finding jobs in Finance. You will notice that gaining recognised Excel Certifications have helped him to

Q: Where have you worked following the Advanced Excel Course?

A: I have worked at many top multinational companies including TNS Kantar, Coca Cola and Unilever. I have been working in Finance supporting the CFO function.

Q: How did the Advanced Excel Course further your career?

A: It was vital for getting my first job. My first job had a huge amount of analysis – a large amount of data analysis, reconciling and presenting it. This job would have been impossible without Advanced Excel Skills and the Excel Certifications.

Q: Did the Excel Certifications assist you in getting jobs?

A: The CPD Accredited Excel for Finance and the Advanced Excel Course gave me a recognised qualification on my CV that endorsed the high level of Excel skills. In my early career with limited experience, employers always ask about my Excel skills evidenced by Excel Certificates. The Certification was an invaluable foundation to start my career.

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Q: You are now hiring people for your new job, do you look for Excel skills?

A: We always check if candidates have Excel Certifications. At the interview, we will ask them how they use Excel. As it is such a fundamental skill, we really cannot hire people without these invaluable Advanced Excel skills.

Q: Why did you recommend our Advanced Excel Course and Excel for Finance Course?

A: I had a job, not my ideal job, at the time. I knew I had to study Excel to help me in the job. The online course fit around work. The training was flexible which was ideal as I could study anytime from home. More importantly, the training was not of static video tutorials like most online courses. It has work-simulated practical exercises and it has a virtual tutor to correct your mistakes. It enables you to learn excel online in a truly interactive way.

Q: Was the online excel training user-friendly?

A: Yes, it was. The online excel course has interactive software with a Virtual Tutor who provided lessons with work-simulated practical exercises. The Virtual Tutor corrected my mistakes and guides you on how to pass the exercise. This made it easier to learn. The exercises made it easier to transfer these skills to work.
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Recognised Microsoft Excel Qualifications

The CPD Certificate was vital. It gave me a recognised qualification for my CV. The certificate showed that I possess Excel skills. Hopefully, the career advice from Alex will be valuable for people planning their careers in Finance. Employers are keen to see that candidates for Finance Careers have this vital Excel skill. The reality is that many careers require Excel skills. Professionals from all types of industries often speak of the need for Advanced Excel Skills in their jobs. You can find details of all of our Excel Courses by CLICKING HERE

Anyone interested in taking the courses, taken by Alex, can see details of the courses below:

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All courses are CPD Accredited with an assessment at the end that will lead to receiving a CPD Certification. CPD stands for Continued Professional Development and it is an internationally recognised qualification. Many industries insist on CPD training, including a wide range of Financial professional bodies.

All Microsoft Training we offer is delivered by a Microsoft Certified Academy. The training materials are written by Microsoft Platinum Partners. If you are interested in face-to-face or corporate training in Microsoft Excel, please contact our offices and one of our training advisers will assist you.

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