This SharePoint Diploma Online offers learners to get an understanding of the more advanced areas of SharePoint. This is a very popular Microsoft Office product that is used across numerous companies.

SharePoint Diploma

This course contains all of the levels of SharePoint training from Beginner to Advanced. It gives the full range of training and can be taken by anyone interested in SharePoint.

1. Introductory Level Course

This course contains the SharePoint Course, see the content on the relevant course page.

2. Intermediate Course

Alerts in SharePoint
  • Add and Manage Alerts
Lists in SharePoint
  • Create and customise a List
  • Customize a List Name, Description and Navigation
  • Add Text Columns to a List/Library
  • Add a Variances to a List/Library
  • Create, group, sort list from Excel
  • Export a List to Excel
  • Show/Hide Columns and Change the Column Order
Library in SharePoint
  • Create / Edit a Library
  • Check Out /In Documents
  • Discard a Document Checkout
  • Require Document Checkout
  • View, Restore, Delete Major Versions
  • Enable / Publish / Delete Minor (Draft) Versions
  • Enable Content Approval in a Library/List
  • Approve/Reject Submitted Items
  • Create a Page
  • Edit the Page Layout
  • Add the File Viewer / Text / Image Web Part

Advanced Module

SharePoint Apps
  • Create a List from an Excel
  • Create Views in Settings
SharePoint Sites
  • Communication Sites
  • Create a Communication Site
  • Edit Web Part Layouts
  • Edit the Hero Web Part Image / Links / Options
  • Hub Sites – Register / Setting / Associate a site
 Retention Policy
  • Activate Site Policy Creation
  • Site Closure and Deletion Policies
  • Content Retention Policies
  • Document Library and Folder Retention Policies
Users and Permissions
  • Permissions / Permissions Groups / Inheritance and Levels
  • Sharing Sites / Folders and Files
  • Sharing Libraries / Lists
  • Changing Sharing Permissions
  • Create a Document Content-Type
  • Add Site Columns to a Content-Type
  • New /Display Content Type to a Library / Document
  • Surface the SharePoint Properties
  • Templates for a Library / Content-Type
  • Create a List Content-Type

Dates and Duration

Expect 9 to 10 hours of training time. You have access to the course for 1 year and can complete the course anytime in that period

Course Requirements

The course starts at the beginner level and is open to all.

Benefits of the SharePoint Diploma Online

  • We are a Microsoft Certified Academy
  • Our training programs are set to an international standard
  • Our qualifications are CPD Accredited and they are internationally recognised.
  • Our trainers are experienced in using Microsoft SharePoint in the workplace and developed material to be highly practical.


Diploma of the CPD Accredited Microsoft SharePoint at a Microsoft Academy.