Power BI was first released by Microsoft in 2015. It has been growing in usage and popularity ever since. Many companies in different industries use Power BI for their Business Intelligence solutions. However, Power BI has not been around for as long as the main Microsoft programs like Excel or Word. Therefore, many people are asking questions like what is Power BI used for? Do I need to know how to use the programme? Should I learn how to use this new programme?

What is Power BI used for?

BI stands for Business Intelligence, and Power BI enables businesses to create Business Intelligence reports in an automated way. It is often a great accompaniment to Microsoft Excel. The program aims to enable users to visualise their data. It also enables users to connect to a large amount of data and to create dashboards and management summaries to assist decision-making.

Collaborative Working

it is known for providing excellent connectivity, so you can work through the cloud and collaborate with your colleagues. This means that you can share your management strategies and reports. One of the biggest benefits is its automatic update function, which can connect to your source data and provide real-time reporting.

It is ideal for big data because it enables you to work with your data constantly and publish visuals, reports and dashboards. The system is easily customised to enable you to report that compliments your organisation or business.

Business Intelligence Reports

The program can be closely related to Excel, but one of the things that makes it different to Excel is that it is designed to be more focused on visuals and real-time reporting. Whereas Excel is more focused on the ability to manipulate data before creating reports. Power BI allows us to look at another programme for creating management reports. Companies can obtain better visuals to assist in analysis and decision-making.

Should I take Power BI training?

You should consider taking Excel training before you undertake training. This is because they are connected, and the skills gained from Excel will complement your learning. It is harder for people without previous knowledge of Excel. Therefore, it is generally recommended by trainers of Power BI that you should at least have intermediate, if not advanced Excel skills.

You can read about our Power BI Courses or Excel Courses on our course pages. You can purchase our standard online courses on these pages. However, we also offer virtual and live classroom training for organisations looking to train their employees. Please contact the office for any more details.

All types of industries can use the program. It’s popular in Finance, HR, Administration, Office Management, Engineering, Medical, etc. It is ideal for any managerial area with big data. If you are aware you have big data, it could be the solution for you.