Classroom Word Course London

Classroom Word Course London

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We are a Microsoft Certified Academy, with highly qualified teaching staff that teach our Classroom Microsoft Word Course.

CPD Accredited Classroom Microsoft Word Course

This course is CPD Accredited and CPD Certification is issued on completion.

Classroom Microsoft Word Course Objective

To attain a proficient level in Word.

Training Location

32 Ludgate Hill

Word Course Content

Beginner Level

  • Opening a document and moving the insertion point
  • Text made easy, entering text and displaying the non-printing characters
  • Managing paragraphs
  • Selecting, copying, moving, deleting text, undoing, redoing, repeating an action, saving and zooming, and creating a new document
  • Applying a quick style from the gallery, a theme
  • Character colour, case, font and size
  • Paragraph indents, alignment, spacing, line spacing, borders and shading, moving, copying text
  • Customised Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Page layout, page breaks, headers and footers, page numbering, setting, managing and leader line tab stop
  • Different levels in a list, list styles
  • Line breaks, hanging indents, non-breaking space or hyphen
  • Finding, copying and replacing text/formatting
    Checking spelling and grammar and synonyms
  • Creating, using and managing an AutoText

Intermediate Level

  • Create, fill, move around tables
  • Select, insert, delete rows and columns
  • Table styles
  • Perfect and exploit tables
  • Merge or split cells
  • Convert text to table, table to text
  • Calculate in a table
  • Use drawing objects and pictures to brighten up your text
  • Size, rotate, adjust, move, copy a drawing object
  • Insert, manage, position, wrap a picture
    Charts; Diagrams
  • Add impact with pictures, charts and diagrams
  • Achieve maximum effect with shapes, text boxes, pictures etc.
  • Format drawing object
  • Format text in an object/WordArt
  • Insert objects from other applications
  • Insert document, cover page, blank page, special characters
  • Hyphenation
  • Character spacing and position
  • Create, manage a custom dictionary
    AutoCorrect settings
  • Statistics and document properties
  • Create, protect, use a form
  • Work, move around long documents
  • Views and windows
  • Use different headers and footers
  • Manage automatic page breaks
  • Manage footnotes, endnotes
  • Hierarchy of titles
  • Outline view
  • Table of contents

Dates and Duration

Please refer to our course schedule, the course will run from 10:00 to 16:30 over one-day training at our IT training centre in London.

Learning Word in a classroom environment from high qualified tutors is an excellent way to learn the program, effectively.

Course Requirements

The course is a beginner to proficient level course, so it assumes no or limited level of Word knowledge. Therefore, it is open to all.


  • We are a Microsoft Certified Academy, so our training is set to an international standard and our qualifications are internationally recognised.
  • Our trainers are experienced at applying Word in the workplace and as IT tutors. So you can gain from their practical experience, rather than just theoretical knowledge.


Certificate of the CPD Accredited Microsoft Word at a Microsoft Academy.

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