This Microsoft Office Work from Home Diploma is designed to help people adapt their skills to the new Work from Home jobs that have become increasingly common since the pandemic. It is hard to adapt to the significant change of working from home. Many employers have stated that this change has been hard for employees, and many feel they lack the skills or confidence to work online.

Work from Home Diploma

This course seeks to provide the learner with the necessary mix of skills needed to use Microsoft products effectively in a Work from Home Job. This course is ideal for anyone keen to update their skills to be able to work.

Course Format

All of the training is online and uses interactive software. You can start at any time and train on a flexible schedule. Microsoft Platinum Partners develop the training material. Their training system uses virtual tutor technology to instruct you, provide exercises, give work examples, and correct mistakes.

Course Content

There are four learning modules:

Dates and Duration

The course is flexible and can be commenced on any date. The training schedule is flexible and can be taken at any time. You have up to one year to complete the course. The total learning hours are 40 live active learning hours.

Benefits of the Course

  • Gain an accredited qualification for your CV
  • Gain confidence to work from home effectively
  • Gain a broad range of IT skills to enable you to work independently and efficiently.
  • Add a qualification to your CV that shows employers that you have the skills to work from home, which has become essential post-COVID, where there is more remote working.


CPD Accredited Microsoft Office Work from Home Diploma upon successful completion.